Pure i8 Industrial Steam & Vacuum Cleaner

Type: Industrial Steam Steam & Vacuum Cleaner

Features: Steam, Vacuum, Hot Water, Detergent, Auto Refill, Self Descaling

Steam Pressure: 8 Bar

Steam Volume: 60 g/min

Boiler Power: 3 kw

Includes: Steam & Vacuum Cleaning Kit

Industrial Steam & Vacuum Cleaner with Hot Water & Detergent

The Pure i8 Industrial Steam Cleaner is one of the most powerful single phase steam cleaners on the market today. It has all the power and capacity to meet the most demanding industrial jobs.

3 x 1000w heating elements produce steam at a pressure of 8 bar, with an enormous volume of 60 g/min. The 10-litre water reservoir gives it over 3 hours continuous running time on one top up. Then the auto refill function means you can top up the bottle and carry on steaming.

Industrial Steam Cleaning Applications

Designed for large industrial and public spaces, professional kitchens, butchers, ovens, cleaning terraces, squares, gyms etc. The Pure i8 is the powerful heavy duty industrial steam cleaner of choice for cleaning contractors and facilities management alike.

Equipped with a vacuum, steam jet, water outlet & detergent supply, this machine can simultaneously steam, clean, and disinfect almost any surface with ease.

The enormous 23 Litre waste tank and 2 stage 1000-watt vacuum sucks up all the waste.. The Pure i8 also has a unique hot water facility which is incredibly useful when a surface needs rinsing or for extraction cleaning.

Environmentally Eco Friendly

The Pure i8 industrial steam & vacuum cleaner utilizes the latest steam technology and uses very little water with no harsh chemicals. This helps to provide the maximum standard of cleaning, hygiene and sanitising with minimum environmental impact.

Safe & Reliable

All our Steam Cleaners have COPPER BOILERS with EXTERNAL HEATING ELEMENTS. This ensures they are not only EXPLOSION PROOF, it also means that in hard water areas they are NOT AFFECTED BY LIME SCALE. Just empty and rinse the boiler once a month and have NO Limescale Problems.

Simultaneous steam & vacuum

Ventilation cleaning

Eliminating unpleasant odors

Cleaning of hoods and stoves

Killing mold and fungus in the shower

Removing silicone glue and chewing gum

Wallpaper removal

Leather and suede cleaning

Grease and soot removal

Skirting boards and stairs cleaning

Cleaning & disinfecting toilets

Removing rust

Revive wooden surfaces such as saunas

Sanitizes and cleans mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains etc.

Washes and dryes mirrors and stainless steel surfaces and tiles

Cleans and reconditions the interiors of cars

Power220/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity5 lt
Boiler power1000W+1000W+1000W
Steam pressure8 bar
Boiler steam temperature180°C
Steam production60 g/min
Vacuum motor1000W two-stage
Vacuum power212 mc/h
External water/detergent supply tank10 lt
External tank for boiler refilling10 lt
Stainless steel drum volume23 lt
Detergent temperature50°C
Adjustable steam flowyes
Water/detergent jet from external tankyes
Solids/liquids vacuumyes
Simultaneous detergent/water supply and vacuumyes
Boiler refillAuto
Simultaneous steam supply and vacuumyes
Low water level alarmyes
Dimensions40x59xh115h cm
Weight with accessories43 kg
Weight without accessories38 kg
Price£3,100 + vat

Set of commercial steam and vacuum cleaning tools

£3,100.00 + vat

Optional Extras

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