Pure Commercial & Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners

The Pure range of commercial steam cleaners for heavy duty powerful professional steam cleaning of health centres, doctors surgeries, schools, universities, councils, restaurants etc

Up to 15 hrs Use Per Week

The Pure range of industrial steam cleaners for heavy duty powerful professional steam cleaning of hospitals care homes engineering facilites management contract cleaning etc

15+hrs Use Per Week & More Power

Powerful Self Descaling Commercial & Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners UK

Pure Steam Cleaners are a UK-based supplier of versatile Steam Cleaning Machines for a multitude of environments. With their unique, patented, self descaling boilers Pure Steam Cleaners don’t clog up with limescale like similar machines making them more reliable and able to perform better for longer.

From Kitchens to Restaurants, Healthcare Facilities, Care Homes, Veterinary Clinics, Manufacturing Plants, the Oil and Grease Sector, Cruise Liners, Automobiles, Public Transport, Watercraft, Fitness Centers, Recreational Facilities, Bed Bugs and Beyond, we supply steam-cleaning machines designed to make your workplace contaminant-free and spotless in the fastest most harmless way. Stains, bed bugs and dried mud are no longer a problem, as you can eliminate them in the blink of an eye.


Shift Heavy Dirt & Grease, Eliminate 99.999% of Bacteria and Viruses

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, Pure’s machines are must-haves for maintaining a sanitary environment. With our chemical-free cleaner, you’re getting a solution to target unsightly dirt spots, unpleasant odours, bacteria and viruses. They stand no chance when super heated dry steam enters the equation.

We have professional steam cleaners for sale for smaller and larger surfaces, such as beds, ovens, kitchens, car interiors, health spas and more. Depending on the application area and surface to be cleaned, you can choose the model that suits you for:

  • Stubborn Dried On Grime
  • Greasy Hard To Clean floors
  • Hygiene Essential Food Factories
  • Dirty Tiles With Mouldy Grout
  • Mucky Well Used Kitchens
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Hospital Infection Control
  • General Healthcare Cleaning
  • Killing Bacteria & Eliminating Odors

Whether you need to remove dirt, grease or bacteria, opt for the best steam cleaners in the UK among our light-duty appliances for daily use, to our powerful industrial steam cleaners. Multiple industries and cleaning contractors go with these machines for cleaning and sanitisation – and for good reason.


Industrial Steam Cleaners For Sale

Is your problem more complicated than an awful-looking spot? Our industrial range includes the i6 and i8 dry steam cleaners for heavy-duty applications. You can’t go wrong with them if you or your crews are engaged in deep and regular cleaning. These appliances blend the best of practical and adaptable features to easily handle the dirt and grease left after working processes.

Pure’s products are increasingly adopted by businesses to maintain hygiene and immaculate aesthetics at facilities with higher-than-average pollution levels. Our heavy-duty steam cleaners for sale pack plenty of top-of-the-range features that distinguish them from other appliances:

  • Enhanced pressure up to 9 bar
  • Extended operational time
  • Extra-large water tanks
  • Self-descaling boilers
  • Adjustable steam flow
  • Vacuum functionality

These steam cleaners can repel full-scale dirt and bacteria attacks on a range of surfaces, including concrete floors, metal pipes and delicate fabrics. You can use them in multiple areas, from construction sites to hospitals and food product warehouses. 

Free Delivery and After Sales Support

With our advanced self-descaling technology, our steam cleaners cut through layers of dirt and grease, ensuring your spaces are not just visually clean but deeply sanitized. Make your cleaning efforts greener with Pure’s DEFRA-qualified products.

Buy any one of our super heated commercial or industrial dry steam cleaning machines – plus a comprehensive cleaning kit – with free next working day delivery across the UK if you order it before midday! 

Are you on the fence about which cleaner will do the trick in your case? Choose by application areas, or contact us for a personalised consultation. Our team will help you pick the right steam cleaner online or over the phone.

Pure Steam Cleaners - Powerfull Commercial & Industrial Self Descaling Steam Cleaners - The Only Steam Cleaners You Need

The Only Steam Cleaners

You Need

Powerful – Self Descaling Steam Cleaners

That Shift Heavy Dirt & Grease

& Kill up to 99.999% of Bcteria & Viruses





Eliminate Limescale and stressed woman

Eliminate Limescale Problems

With Our Patented Self Descaling Boilers

Chas No Border

Ask Chas

Our Steam Cleaner Expert with 30 Years Experience is Available to Answer Your Questions

attachment Cleaning Kit

Full Cleaning Kit Supplied

With Every Steam Cleaner to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks from floors to ceilings and eveything in between

zoomed in Copper Boilers

7 Year Guarantee

On our safe – explosion proof copper boilers

1 year guarantee on all machines

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Free Next Working Day Delivery

On All Steam Cleaners

(When ordered before midday)

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Online or On-Site Training

Available for all of our easy to use steam cleaning machines

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Defra Qualified!

All Our Steam Cleaners Are Defra Qualified for Water Efficiency. 100% of Your Purchase is Tax Deductible in the 1st Year

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Need Something Special?

We can work with customers to create bespoke steam cleaners to fit specific requirements

Stubborn Dried on Grime

Greasy Hard to Clean Floors

Food Factory Cleaning

Dirty Tiles & Mouldy Grout

Mucky Well Used Kitchen

Trodden in Chewing Gum

Hospital Infection Control

Find the Right Steam Cleaner for Your Application Below:

Steam Cleaners – Proudly Serving:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is steam going to harm any of the surfaces that I need to clean?

Steam is very gentle so virtually every surface that you need to clean will be fine. If in doubt, try an inconspicuous corner first.

Will a Pure Steam Cleaner be good for cleaning my carpets?

One of the Pure Steam Cleaners is excellent for stubborn stains and highly dirty traffic areas on carpets. For whole carpets use pre-spray carpet shampoo to speed up the cleaning process.

How do I know that the steam is sanitising as I clean?

Steam is a brilliant killer of bacteria and viruses. The Department of Health spent about 2.5 million pounds doing very rigorous tests using cultured bacteria and viruses using a six bar steam cleaner such as the Pure s6 & v6 machines. See the full report here

Can I use steam periodically and clean by conventional methods in between?

Yes, but steam is always better used “instead of” rather than “as well as”. If this is not possible, do not leave it too long between steam cleans otherwise you are making extra work for yourself.

Should I use steam cleaners on Wooden floors?

Yes, they work brilliantly on wooden floors. Use one of our steam and vacuum machines and it will leave your wooden floor clean, dry and decontaminated.

Do I need to use distilled water in my Pure Steam Cleaner?

No, do NOT use distilled water otherwise the machine will not be able to detect the water in its reservoir. Pure Steam Cleaners are the only steam cleaner in the world that have self-descaling boilers.

Will steam kill bed bugs?

Yes, steam is the most effective way of killing bed bugs and their eggs. One of our steam and vacuum machines is best. Our steam cleaners are the main ones preferred by Cruise Liners for this job.

Is it ok to put disinfectant in a steam cleaner?

The whole point of steam cleaning is that you do not need disinfectant to get a much better-sanitised surface than by using a disinfectant.

Do I need to use any special PPE when using a steam cleaner?

No, not at all. Although the steam is very hot at the point of cleaning (typically about 105 -115 deg. C) at about 3 – 4 inches away from the tip the steam is only warm. Do not trap the steam against your body this can lead to a severe burn.

What are the benefits of steam and vacuum over steam only?

Steam and vacuum have the benefit of busting all the dirt, and then, on a flat surface, removing all the debris leaving it clean and dry. Steam only is good for jobs where what you are cleaning has many detail areas such as in engineering machines or ovens where a vacuum cannot be used.

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Powerful Cleaning Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Use

Are you in search of a powerful, versatile, and eco-friendly cleaning solution for your business? Look no further! Professional, industrial dry steam cleaners, with their powerful high-temperature steam and minimal water usage, are the answer to your prayers. In this exploration, we will delve into the ins and outs of these cleaning powerhouses, covering how they work, their key features, and the various advantages they offer. Get ready to revolutionise the way you clean!


Key Takeaways

Industrial steam cleaners offer potent cleaning solutions for commercial and industrial use, utilising high-temperature steam while minimising water usage and eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Moreover, these cleaning marvels boast features such as large tank capacity, a variety of accessories, labour savings, environmental friendliness, and enhanced cleaning and sanitisation capabilities. Different models cater to specific needs, with self-descaling boilers maintaining efficiency and regular maintenance ensuring optimal performance.


Understanding Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners

steam clean ink off the printing press in industries and factories with our powerful Pure industrial steam cleaner

Industrial dry steam cleaners, alongside their commercial counterparts, leverage the power of high-temperature steam to effectively dissolve dirt and grime. These versatile cleaning machines find applications in various industries, ranging from care homes and hospitals to food processing plants and offices. One standout among our steam cleaners is the Pure Steam Cleaner v6, renowned for its 6-bar steam pressure, continuous steam output, and cutting-edge technology that utilises minimal water and excludes harsh chemicals.

But what is the operating principle behind these innovative cleaning machines? Let’s delve into the science that underlies the impressive cleaning capabilities of industrial steam cleaners.

How Industrial Steam Cleaners Work

copper Boilers are explosion proof and self descaling to improve your steam cleaners reliability

Operating by heating water in a boiler, industrial steam cleaners transform liquid water into vapour and expel it through a nozzle or wand for surface cleaning. This process mirrors that of a pressure cooker, where water is converted into steam by heating it in a sealed boiler until reaching its boiling point of 100°C.

Diverging from vacuum cleaners, industrial dry steam cleaners use pressure to elevate the boiling point of water, producing saturated steam reaching temperatures of up to 170°C. This high-pressure steam is then applied to surfaces for effective cleaning, loosening and dissolving dirt, grease, and grime without the need for harsh chemicals.


Key Features


These steam cleaning juggernauts come equipped with powerful steam pressure, large water tank capacity, and a versatile range of accessories to meet various cleaning requirements, making them ideal for contract cleaners. Furthermore, they deliver improved cleaning and sanitisation without resorting to harmful chemicals, thus contributing to environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, industrial steam cleaners provide a labour guarantee by offering efficient and effective cleaning solutions, reducing the time and effort required for manual cleaning. With their versatility and broad range of applications, industrial steam cleaners have become a indispensable component of any business’ cleaning regimen.


Advantages of Using Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners


clean carpet and brighten their vibrant colours with our i8 pure industrial steam cleaners

Industrial steam cleaners offer a multitude of advantages. Firstly, they provide enhanced cleaning and sanitisation, ensuring a thorough and hygienic environment. Moreover, they operate in an eco-friendly manner, promoting sustainability and cost efficiency. Additionally, their versatility allows for a wide range of applications, making them a versatile and indispensable tool in various industries.

Now, let’s delve into these benefits in detail, meticulously examining their contributions to a more productive and effective cleaning process with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitisation

Steam cleaning stands out as an impressive sanitisation and disinfection method. This is primarily attributed to the high temperature and moisture combination inherent in the process. The steam generated by these cleaners reaches a temperature of at least 100°C or higher, effectively eliminating a myriad of common household germs and bacteria. Notably, this includes notorious culprits like salmonella and E. coli.

The heat from the steam plays a pivotal role in this process by denaturing the proteins in microorganisms, rendering them inert. Simultaneously, the moisture from the steam facilitates the penetration and loosening of dirt and grime. This dual-action mechanism significantly aids in the removal of bacteria and viruses from surfaces.

Moreover, beyond its efficacy against bacteria and viruses, steam cleaning has proven highly effective in other aspects, such as reducing carpet house dust mite allergen concentration, exterminating dust mites, eliminating allergens like pollen, and overall sanitising surfaces. These diverse capabilities establish industrial steam cleaners as indispensable tools for maintaining elevated levels of cleanliness and hygiene across various settings, including hospitals and care homes.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

Eco Friendly


The environmentally-friendly attributes of industrial steam cleaners stem from their reduced water consumption, the elimination of chemical use, and energy conservation practices. These cleaners are meticulously designed to use minimal water, minimising the reliance on harsh cleaning solutions and disinfectants, making them an ecologically sound choice.

Within an industrial setting, steam cleaning presents several notable advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the need for toxic and potentially hazardous chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia. Simultaneously, it efficiently removes dirt, grease, and grime, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning process. Notably, it accomplishes the elimination of 99.999% of germs and bacteria without necessitating additional chemical interventions.

Furthermore, the use of industrial steam cleaners positively impacts energy consumption. Steam cleaning’s advantages include utilising up to 90% less water than traditional cleaning methods, leading to a drastic reduction in both water and energy consumption. Optimising the steam system and managing it effectively can further contribute to an overall decrease in energy consumption, establishing steam cleaning as a cost-efficient and eco-friendly cleaning option.

Versatility and Wide Range of Applications

Industrial steam cleaners, with their adaptability and multifunctionality, prove to be invaluable tools for businesses, given their capacity to tackle a diverse array of surfaces and applications. They find widespread utility across various industries and tasks, including:

  1. Automotive: Excelling at car interior cleaning.
  2. Food: Effectively removing grease and contaminants.
  3. Manufacturing: Tackling the cleaning needs of machinery and equipment.
  4. Watch and jewellery: Providing gentle cleaning for watches and jewellery.
  5. Delicate fabrics: Preserving the integrity of sensitive textiles.
  6. Upholstery: Ensuring thorough yet gentle cleaning for furniture.
  7. Curtains: Offering a delicate touch for curtain fabrics.
  8. Fabric sofas: Providing a safe and effective cleaning solution for fabric-covered sofas.

Dry Steam vs. Wet Steam: Choosing the Right Cleaner

 cleaning the walls and floor of a dairy industry and animal agriculture farm with Commercial steam cleaner . Buy the best steam cleaning machine to remove the dirt and dust and provide healthy animals and customers

When it comes to meeting your specific cleaning needs, understanding the disparities between dry steam and wet steam cleaners is crucial. Both types come with their advantages, catering to diverse surfaces and tasks. The question remains: which aligns best with your business needs?

Dry Steam Cleaning

Dry steam cleaners employ pressurised hot air for cleaning, offering an efficient and eco-friendly method. The process involves high-temperature saturated steam with low water content, effectively eliminating dirt, pathogens, and their biofilm. Notably, it’s a ‘mess-free’ process that dries almost instantly due to minimal water usage.

Advantages of Dry Steam Cleaning:

  • Suitable for most surfaces (excluding heat-sensitive ones)
  • Ideal for silk, leather, water-based paint, and certain velour upholstery
  • Efficient and eco-friendly

If you’re seeking an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method applicable to various surfaces, dry steam cleaning might be the ideal choice for your business.

Wet Steam Cleaning

Contrastingly, wet steam cleaning combines steam with water or cleaning solutions. The method involves a steam cleaner spraying a mixture of steam and water onto the surface, making it effective for removing dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces.

Characteristics of Wet Steam Cleaning:

  • Requires more water compared to dry steam cleaning
  • May be less effective on certain surfaces
  • Ideal for comprehensive cleaning on surfaces where water isn’t an issue

Ultimately, the choice between dry steam and wet steam cleaning hinges on the specific needs and requirements of your business.


Industrial steam cleaners offer a powerful, versatile, and eco-friendly cleaning solution for businesses across various industries. With their high-pressure steam, self-descaling boilers, and wide range of accessories, these cleaning machines provide enhanced cleaning and sanitisation, cost-efficient operation, and adaptability for various applications. By understanding the differences between dry and wet steam cleaners, maintaining your equipment, and choosing the right brand and model for your needs, you can revolutionise your business’ cleaning regimen and maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions


What steamer do professionals use?

Professionals use the Pure i8 and Pure v6 steamers for their intensive use capacity. Both feature hoses and are suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks..

What is an industrial steam cleaner?

An industrial steam cleaner is an efficient cleaning tool that uses pressurised hot steam to dissolve dirt and grime, sanitising surfaces without the need for chemicals. Temperatures of up to 170*C are achieved to deliver powerful cleaning results.

Is a commercial steam cleaner worth it?

Steam cleaners are worth the money if you’re serious about cleaning, as they are able to eliminate germs, bacteria and allergens without using harsh chemicals. They are also great for removing tough stains and grime, making them a valuable tool for kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor spaces. Professionals in various industries as well as commercial cleaning contractors and janitors use steam cleaners, which are some of the fastest and environmentally safe cleaning machines available.


What industries can benefit from Pure?

Pure Industrial dry steam cleaners can be an asset to many industries, such as care homes, food processing plants, offices, restaurants and cafes, shops, hotels, gyms and leisure centers, cruise ships, and the air industry.



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