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Frequently Asked Questions

Is steam going to harm any of the surfaces that I need to clean?

Steam is very gentle so virtually every surface that you need to clean will be fine. If in doubt, try an inconspicuous corner first.

Will a Pure Steam Cleaner be good for cleaning my carpets?

One of the Pure Steam Cleaners is excellent for stubborn stains and high dirty traffic areas on carpets. For whole carpets use pre-spray carpet shampoo to speed up the cleaning process.

How do I know that the steam is sanitising as I clean?

Steam is a brilliant killer of bacteria and viruses. The Department of Health spent about 2.5 million pounds doing very rigorous tests using cultured bacteria and viruses using a six bar steam cleaner such as the Pure s6 & v6 machines. See the results here

Can I use steam periodically and clean by conventional methods in between?

Yes, but steam is always better used “instead of” rather than “as well as”. If this is not possible, do not leave it too long between steam cleans otherwise you are making extra work for yourself.

Can I use steam cleaners on Wooden floors?

Yes, they work brilliantly on wooden floors. Use one of our steam and vacuum machines and it will leave your wooden floor clean, dry and decontaminated.

Do I need to use distilled water in my Pure Steam Cleaner?

No, do NOT use distilled water otherwise the machine will not be able to detect the water in its reservoir. Pure Steam Cleaners are the only steam cleaner in the world that have self- descaling boilers.

Will steam kill bed bugs?

Yes, steam is the most effective way of killing bed bugs and their eggs. One of our steam and vacuum machines is best. Our steam cleaners are the main ones preferred by Cruise Liners for this job.

Can I put disinfectant in a steam cleaner?

The whole point of steam cleaning is that you do not need disinfectant to get a much better-sanitised surface than by using a disinfectant.

Do I need to use any special PPE when using a steam cleaner?

No, not at all. Although the steam is very hot at the point of cleaning (typically about 105 -115 deg. C) at about 3 – 4 inches away from the tip the steam is only warm. Do not trap the steam against your body this can lead to a severe burn.

What are the benefits of steam and vacuum over steam only?

Steam and vacuum have the benefit of busting all the dirt, and then, on a flat surface, removing all the debris leaving it clean and dry. Steam only is good for jobs where what you are cleaning has many detail areas such as in engineering machines or ovens where a vacuum cannot be used.

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