Best Steam Cleaners For Engineering

When choosing the right steam cleaner for engineering its not just about whether you want 4-bar, 6-bar or 8-bar pressure etc, it’s also about the volume of steam that is produced at that pressure. Pure Steam Cleaners are designed to produce the maximum volume of steam for their pressure rating. Also thier unique patented self descaling boilers stop the pipes and components clogging up like similar models meaning Pure Steam Cleaners continue to produce high volumes of steam for years to come.

What Problems Do The Engineering Industry Have That Pure Steam Cleaners Can Fix?

Pure Steam Cleaners can be a useful tool in various engineering industries, as they offer several advantages over traditional cleaning methods. Here are some problems that the engineering industry may face that steam cleaners can help solve:

Grease and Oil Buildup:

In industries such as automotive and manufacturing, machines and equipment can accumulate grease and oil buildup over time. Pure Steam Cleaners can effectively remove these substances without the need for harsh chemicals, which can damage equipment and pose health risks to workers.

Mould and Mildew Growth:

In humid environments, such as in HVAC systems and piping, mould and mildew can grow and cause health problems for workers. Pure Steam Cleaners can easily kill these fungi and prevent further growth.

Dirt and Debris in Hard-to-Reach Areas:

In industries such as aerospace and electronics, there may be small crevices and tight spaces that are difficult to clean. Pure Steam Cleaners can reach these areas and effectively remove dirt and debris without causing damage to delicate components.


In industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, maintaining a sterile environment is critical for ensuring product safety. Pure Steam Cleaners can provide high-temperature, chemical-free sanitisation to effectively kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Overall, Pure Steam Cleaners can offer a versatile and effective cleaning solution for a wide range of engineering industries, helping to maintain equipment, prevent health risks, and ensure product safety.

How Do Pure Steam Cleaners Benefit The Engineering Industry?

The engineering industry can benefit in several ways from using Pure Steam Cleaners:

Improved Equipment Lifespan:

Pure Steam Cleaners can remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants that can cause equipment to wear out or malfunction prematurely. By keeping machinery and equipment clean, companies can reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of their assets.

Healthier Work Environment:

Pure Steam Cleaners can help eliminate mould, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms that can grow in industrial environments, leading to respiratory problems and other health issues for workers. By maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment, companies can promote worker health and safety.

Reduced Chemical Use:

Traditional cleaning methods often rely on harsh chemicals that can be hazardous to both workers and the environment. Pure Steam Cleaners use only water and heat, reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents and minimising the environmental impact of cleaning.

Time and Labour Savings:

Pure Steam Cleaners can clean more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods, reducing the amount of time and labour required for cleaning tasks. This can help companies optimise their operations and improve productivity.

Overall, using Pure Steam Cleaners can benefit the engineering industry by improving equipment lifespan, promoting worker health and safety, reducing chemical use, and saving time and labour costs.

The Pure i6-SO industrial steam cleaner shifts dirt oil and grime as well as killing bacteria and sanetising making it great for a variety of applications, engineering

Pure i6-SO

Steam, Detergent & Hot Water
Self Descaling

Power220/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity3,5 lt
Boiler power1000W+1000W+1000W
Steam pressure6 bar
Boiler steam temperature165°C
Steam production53 g/min
Vacuum motor
External water/detergent supply tank5 lt
External tank for boiler refilling5 lt
Stainless steel drum volume
Detergent temperature50°C
Boiler refillAuto
Adjustable steam flowyes
Water/detergent jet from external tankyes
Solids/liquids vacuum
Simultaneous detergent/water supply and vacuum
Simultaneous steam supply and vacuum
Low water level alarmyes
Dimensions30x56xh100h cm
Weight without drum20,7 kg
Weight with accessories24 kg
Weight without accessories20,7 kg
Price£1,995 + vat
Buy our new i8 Pure Steam Cleaners to sanitise and kill germs in industrial and commercial environments, Bakeries, Butchery, councils, Dairy Producers, engineering

Pure i8

Steam, Detergent, Hot Water & Vacuum
Self Descaling

Power220/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity5 lt
Boiler power1000W+1000W+1000W
Steam pressure8 bar
Boiler steam temperature180°C
Steam production60 g/min
Vacuum motor1000W two-stage
Vacuum power212 mc/h
External water/detergent supply tank10 lt
External tank for boiler refilling10 lt
Stainless steel drum volume23 lt
Detergent temperature50°C
Adjustable steam flowyes
Water/detergent jet from external tankyes
Solids/liquids vacuumyes
Simultaneous detergent/water supply and vacuumyes
Boiler refillAuto
Simultaneous steam supply and vacuumyes
Low water level alarmyes
Dimensions40x59xh115h cm
Weight with accessories43 kg
Weight without accessories38 kg
Price£3,100 + vat

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