Self Descaling Boilers

70% More Reliability With Our Patented Unique Self-Descaling Boilers

Most of the UK has very hard water which is water that has Calcium Carbonate (lime) dissolved in it. This comes from when the water is passing through the ground to the point where it is collected. When water is boiled it gives off the lime and on most surfaces, this will stick to it and become limescale. This limescale builds up very quickly in Steam Cleaner Boilers and is, quite simply, “Death” to steam cleaners with conventional boilers.


The biggest problem facing other steam cleaners in the UK today is that like a kettle, lime scale builds up in the boiler and with time this build up migrates around the machine causing various problems, reduced steam flow and the machine generally becomes unreliable.

For this reason, most steam cleaners have somewhat of a reliability problem. 70% of breakdowns with other makes are caused by limescale build up! If they haven’t been properly and expensively maintained and regularly descaled they will very likely suffer the problems caused by limescale.

Pure professional steamers have overcome this problem with our patented copper boilers where the heater element is wrapped around the outside of the boiler rather than inside it. Because of this, the lime scale does not build up on the element. The copper boiler also expands and contracts as it heats and cools so any limescale cannot stick to it.

All our systems have a unique draining device on the boiler which can simply be emptied once a month, taking about 5 minutes, ensuring your powerful steam cleaner remains lime scale and problem free!