70% More Reliability With Our Patented Unique Self-Descaling Boilers

The challenge of very hard water is widespread across multiple areas in the UK. It’s characterised by the presence of dissolved Calcium Carbonate, or lime. This mineral originates from the water’s journey through the ground to its collection point. Upon boiling, the water releases lime, a substance with a tendency to adhere to most surfaces. This lead to the formation of limescale. In the context of Steam Cleaner Boilers, this rapid accumulation of limescale poses a substantial threat to steam cleaners equipped with conventional boilers.

Unlike those in regions with very hard water, other steam cleaners in the UK face a notable challenge similar to kettles. They experienced a gradual buildup of limescale in the boiler. This accumulation hinders the performance of the steam cleaners, diminishing their efficiency over time. As time progresses, the collected lime scale disperses throughout the machine. This caused issues such as reduced steam flow and overall unreliability.

Consequently, reliability issues plague most steam cleaners, with limescale buildup emerging as a primary culprit. A significant 70% of breakdowns in other brands result from the accumulation of limescale. Without proper and often expensive maintenance, including regular descaling, these steam cleaners become highly susceptible to complications caused by limescale. Addressing this issue is imperative to ensure the ongoing efficiency and longevity of steam cleaners in regions grappling with challenges posed by hard water.

Pure professional steamers address this issue by incorporating patented copper boilers…

Embracing an innovative design, we have repositioned the heater element to wrap around the exterior rather than being confined within. This intentional choice actively prevents lime scale from accumulating on the element. By siting the heater element externally, we substantially decrease the chances of lime scale build-up, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity for your steam cleaner.

Every system in our lineup features a distinctive draining device on the boiler. It requires a straightforward monthly emptying, taking approximately 5 minutes. This maintenance routine guarantees that your self-descaling boilers’ steam cleaners remains free from lime scale and associated problems.


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