Best Steam Cleaners For Bee Hives

When choosing the right steam cleaner for bee hives its not just about whether you want 4-bar, 6-bar or 8-bar pressure etc, it’s also about the volume of steam that is produced at that pressure. Pure Steam Cleaners are designed to produce the maximum volume of steam for their pressure rating. Also thier unique patented self descaling boilers stop the pipes and components clogging up like similar models meaning Pure Steam Cleaners continue to produce high volumes of steam for years to come.

What Problems Do Bee Hives Have That Pure Steam Cleaners Can Fix?

bee hive + steam
bee hive close up honeycomb

Pure steam cleaners have the potential to address several problems related to bee hives, particularly when it comes to hive maintenance and disease prevention. Some of the problems they can help with include:

Sterilisation and Cleaning:

Bee hives can harbour various pathogens and contaminants that can lead to bee diseases and colony losses. Pure steam cleaners can effectively sterilise and clean hive components, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pests that might be present.

Varroa Mite Control:

Varroa mites are a significant threat to bee colonies. Steam treatment, when used appropriately, can help control mite infestations. It can target mites on adult bees, brood, and within crevices in hive components, reducing their population and the associated damage.

Small Hive Beetle Management:

Small hive beetles can cause damage to hives and honeycomb. Steam can be directed into cracks and crevices where these beetles hide, helping to eliminate them and prevent infestations.

Wax Moth Infestations:

Wax moths can destroy beeswax and honeycomb, leading to colony disruption. Steam can be used to kill wax moth larvae and pupae, preventing their destructive impact on the hive.

Comb Cleaning:

Over time, beeswax buildup in comb can lead to decreased honey production and compromised brood rearing. Steam can melt and remove excess wax, allowing bees to build new, healthier comb.

Disease Prevention:

Steam cleaning can help prevent the spread of diseases within the hive. By eliminating pathogens, it reduces the risk of transmission among bees and their larvae.

Comb Renewal:

Old and contaminated comb can affect colony health. Steam can assist in melting down old comb, allowing beekeepers to replace it with new, clean comb.

Frame and Equipment Sanitisation:

Beekeeping equipment, such as frames, supers, and covers, can carry pathogens between colonies. Steam cleaning these items can help minimise the risk of disease transmission.

Organic Pest Control:

The use of steam aligns with organic and chemical-free beekeeping practices, making it an environmentally friendly method of pest and disease control.

It’s important to note that while steam cleaning can be a valuable tool in beekeeping, it should be used with care and consideration. Excessive or improper use of steam can harm bees, brood, and hive components. Beekeepers should educate themselves about proper steam cleaning techniques and the specific needs of their colonies before incorporating steam into their hive management routine.

How Do Pure Steam Cleaners Benefit Bee Hives?

Pure steam cleaners can benefit bee hives in several ways by providing a natural and effective method for hive maintenance and pest control. Here are some potential benefits:

Pest Control:

Pure steam cleaners can be used to control pests in bee hives without the use of harmful chemicals. The high temperature of the steam can effectively kill mites, beetles, and other pests that can infest bee hives and harm the bee colony.

Disease Management:

Steam can help manage certain diseases that affect bees. For instance, the Varroa mite, a significant threat to honeybee colonies, can be controlled with steam treatment. The heat from the steam can disrupt the mites’ life cycle and help reduce their population within the hive.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

Steam can be used to clean and sanitise beekeeping equipment and hive components. This is especially important for maintaining a healthy hive environment. By eliminating potential sources of contamination and pathogens, beekeepers can help prevent diseases from spreading within the hive.

Non-Toxic Approach:

Using pure steam to clean and treat bee hives is a non-toxic approach. Unlike chemical treatments that might leave residues in the hive, steam treatment evaporates and leaves no harmful residues behind. This is important for the overall health of the bees and the quality of the honey produced.

Eco-Friendly Method:

Pure steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly method as it doesn’t introduce chemicals into the hive or the surrounding environment. This aligns with sustainable beekeeping practices and contributes to the preservation of bee populations and ecosystems.

Improved Hive Productivity:

Healthy and well-maintained hives are more productive. By using steam cleaners to control pests and maintain a clean hive environment, beekeepers can help ensure that their colonies remain strong and productive, producing more honey and contributing to pollination efforts.

Reduced Chemical Resistance:

Over time, pests can develop resistance to chemical treatments, rendering them less effective. Steam treatments provide an alternative approach that pests are less likely to develop resistance to, making it a valuable tool in integrated pest management strategies.

Worker Safety:

Using steam cleaners eliminates the need for beekeepers to handle potentially hazardous chemicals. This enhances the safety of beekeepers and reduces the risk of chemical exposure during hive maintenance.

bee hive + steam
bee hive
bee hive

Pure v6-DT

Steam, Vacuum, Detergent & Trolley
Self Descaling

Power220V/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity2,4 lt
Boiler refilling systemAuto
Boiler power1000W+1000W
Steam temperature165°C
Pressure temperature6 bar
Steam production43 g/min
Liquid/dust vacuum power1000W 2 stages
Vacuum pressure203 mc/h
Steel drum capacity14 lt
Noise level62 dB(A)
Water/detergent external tank3 lt
External tank for boiler refilling3 lt
Steam jetyes
Water/detergent jetyes
Liquid/dust vacuumyes
Simultaneous steam and vacuumyes
Low water level alarmyes
Dimensions36x44xh120 cm
Weight no accessories25 kg
The Pure i6 powerful heavy duty Industrial steam cleaners are the solution for industrial & commercial sanitation, effectively cleaning as well as killing germs and bacteria

Pure i6-SV

Steam, Detergent, Hot Water & Vacuum
Self Descaling

Power220/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity3,5 lt
Boiler power1000W+1000W+1000W
Steam pressure6 bar
Boiler steam temperature165°C
Steam production53 g/min
Vacuum motor1000W two-stage
External water/detergent supply tank5 lt
External tank for boiler refilling5 lt
Stainless steel drum volume14 lt
Detergent temperature50°C
Boiler refillAuto
Adjustable steam flowyes
Water/detergent jet from external tankyes
Solids/liquids vacuumyes
Simultaneous detergent/water supply and vacuumyes
Simultaneous steam supply and vacuumyes
Low water level alarmyes
Dimensions30x56xh100h cm
Weight without drum (for easier transporting)20,7 kg
Weight with accessories31 kg
Weight without accessories26,7 kg
Price£2,495 + vat

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