Best Steam Cleaners For Pest Control

When choosing the right steam cleaner for pest control its not just about whether you want 4-bar, 6-bar or 8-bar pressure etc, it’s also about the volume of steam that is produced at that pressure. Pure Steam Cleaners are designed to produce the maximum volume of steam for their pressure rating. Also thier unique patented self descaling boilers stop the pipes and components clogging up like similar models meaning Pure Steam Cleaners continue to produce high volumes of steam for years to come.

What Problems Do Pest Control Have That Pure Steam Cleaners Can Fix?

Dealing with pests that are resistant to traditional methods of extermination can be quite challenging in pest control. However, using Pure Steam Cleaners as a tool can be helpful as they offer a chemical-free and non-toxic solution to eliminate pests and their eggs. Here are some problems that steam cleaners can fix:

Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate, and traditional methods like spraying insecticides may not be effective. Unlike traditional methods that may struggle to eliminate bed bugs, Pure Steam Cleaners can effectively kill both the bed bugs and their eggs by exposing them to high temperatures. The steam penetrates deep into mattresses, cracks, and crevices, killing bed bugs and destroying their eggs.


Cockroaches are a widespread nuisance that can pose a challenge when it comes to eliminating them completely. However, Pure Steam Cleaners can help solve this problem by exposing the cockroaches to high temperatures, which kills them. Moreover, Pure Steam Cleaners can also eliminate cockroach eggs and faeces, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Dust Mites:

Dust mites are tiny creatures that reside in household dust and can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Pure Steam Cleaners can kill dust mites by exposing them to high temperatures, and they are also effective in removing their faeces and debris.


Fleas can infest homes and cause itching and discomfort for both pets and humans. One of the benefits of Pure Steam Cleaners in pest control is their ability to eliminate fleas and their eggs by subjecting them to high temperatures. Additionally, Pure Steam Cleaners are quite effective in removing flea larvae and pupae from various surfaces such as carpets, rugs, and furniture.


Termites can cause significant damage to homes and other structures, and traditional methods of extermination can be costly and toxic. Pure Steam Cleaners can kill termites by exposing them to high temperatures, and they are also effective in removing their eggs and larvae from wooden structures.

Pure Steam Cleaners are a great way to eliminate pests without using harmful chemicals. They’re effective at killing pests and their eggs. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Pure Steam Cleaners alone may not completely eradicate all pests. Therefore, it’s recommended to combine Pure Steam Cleaners with other pest control methods to get the best results.

How Do Pure Steam Cleaners Benefit Pest Control?

Using Pure Steam Cleaners as a tool in pest control can benefit a pest control company in several ways:

Increased Effectiveness:

Pure Steam Cleaners can be a highly effective tool for pest control, as they can kill pests and their eggs without the use of harmful chemicals. This can make the pest control process more efficient, as it can reduce the need for multiple treatments and help to eliminate pests more quickly.

Reduced Liability:

By using Pure Steam Cleaners instead of chemical treatments, a pest control company can reduce the risk of liability from exposure to toxic chemicals. This can help to protect the company from potential legal issues and insurance claims.

Better Environmental Stewardship:

Using Pure Steam Cleaners instead of chemical treatments can also demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship. This can help to position a pest control company as a more environmentally responsible business, which can be attractive to eco-conscious customers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

Many customers may prefer the use of Pure Steam Cleaners over chemical treatments, as they are safer and more eco-friendly. By offering Pure Steam Cleaners as a pest control service, a company can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Overall, using Pure Steam Cleaners as a tool in pest control can provide many benefits for a pest control company, including increased effectiveness, reduced liability, better environmental stewardship, and increased customer satisfaction.

Pure v6-DT

Steam, Vacuum, Detergent & Trolley
Self Descaling

Power 220V/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity 2,4 lt
Boiler refilling system Auto
Boiler power 1000W+1000W
Steam temperature 165°C
Pressure temperature 6 bar
Steam production 43 g/min
Liquid/dust vacuum power 1000W 2 stages
Vacuum pressure 203 mc/h
Steel drum capacity 14 lt
Noise level 62 dB(A)
Water/detergent external tank 3 lt
External tank for boiler refilling 3 lt
Steam jet yes
Water/detergent jet yes
Liquid/dust vacuum yes
Simultaneous steam and vacuum yes
Low water level alarm yes
Dimensions 36x44xh120 cm
Weight no accessories 25 kg
Price £1,745
The Pure i6 powerful heavy duty Industrial steam cleaners are the solution for industrial & commercial sanitation, effectively cleaning as well as killing germs and bacteria

Pure i6-SV

Steam, Detergent, Hot Water & Vacuum
Self Descaling

Power 220/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity 3,5 lt
Boiler power 1000W+1000W+1000W
Steam pressure 6 bar
Boiler steam temperature 165°C
Steam production 53 g/min
Vacuum motor 1000W two-stage
External water/detergent supply tank 5 lt
External tank for boiler refilling 5 lt
Stainless steel drum volume 14 lt
Detergent temperature 50°C
Boiler refill Auto
Adjustable steam flow yes
Water/detergent jet from external tank yes
Solids/liquids vacuum yes
Simultaneous detergent/water supply and vacuum yes
Simultaneous steam supply and vacuum yes
Low water level alarm yes
Dimensions 30x56xh100h cm
Weight without drum (for easier transporting) 20,7 kg
Weight with accessories 31 kg
Weight without accessories 26,7 kg
Price £2,495 + vat

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