You’re running a bustling catering gig, juggling more plates than a circus act, and the health inspector walks in. Panic mode? Not if you’ve got an industrial dry steam cleaner on your side. This beast is like the James Bond of cleaning gadgets – slick, powerful, and always ready to save the day. If you’re in the catering game, these little beauties might just be the secret sauce you didn’t know you needed.

What are Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners?


Commercial-Range powerful steam cleaners


So, picture this: a steam cleaner that’s been hitting the gym. It’s bulked up, ditched the excess moisture, and now it’s all about blasting dirt with hot air. These are industrial dry steam cleaners – the Schwarzenegger of the cleaning world.

Why Catering Businesses Need Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners


steam clean food preperation surfaces in kitchens and catering with one of our Pure commercial steam cleaners


Imagine the pressure of keeping your kitchen so spotless that even Gordon Ramsay would give you a nod of approval. That’s the level of cleanliness catering businesses strive for. Enter the industrial dry steam cleaner, your new best friend in the battle against grease and grime. Ready to save the day (and your sanity).


Discover the Best Steam Cleaners for Catering


The Science Behind Dry Steam Cleaning




Think of it like this: water gets so hot it turns into steam (over 100°C – hotter than a debate about pineapple on pizza). This steam, with barely any moisture, bulldozes through grime and bacteria, leaving surfaces dry and clean faster than you can say “last call at the pub”.

Efficiency and Effectiveness



how to efficiently clean at work with an industrial steam cleaner


Time is money, especially when you’re trying to feed a small army. These cleaners get the job done in a flash, so you can get back to doing what you love – or at least what you tolerate – cooking.

Deep Cleaning


Benefits of Industrial Steam Cleaners in the Food and Beverage Industry


Imagine being able to clean those hard-to-reach places where last year’s Christmas party snacks are still hiding. Dry steam gets in there, making sure your kitchen is cleaner than a germaphobe’s dream.


Discover the Best Steam Cleaners for Catering


Hygienic Excellence

Bacteria and Germ Elimination




Your catering environment is like Disneyland for bacteria. These cleaners? They’re the grumpy security guard kicking out unwanted guests. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, which is almost as rare as a quiet kitchen during a dinner rush.

Allergen Reduction


no allergies


Got clients who sneeze at the mere thought of dust? Dry steam cleaners can help keep allergens at bay, making your place a haven for even the most sensitive noses.

Environmental Benefits


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Chemical-Free Cleaning


You know those harsh chemicals that make your eyes water? Forget them. Dry steam cleaners use only water, so you can clean without creating a chemical hazard zone.

Water Conservation


Despite their power, these cleaners are water misers. They use way less water than traditional methods, which is great for the planet and your utility bill.

Versatility in Cleaning


how to efficiently clean at work with an industrial steam cleaner

Kitchen Equipment


From ovens to grills, these cleaners handle it all. They can make your kitchen gear look like it just rolled off the showroom floor, minus the hefty price tag.

Floors and Surfaces


Tiles, stainless steel, glass – you name it, they clean it. These machines are like the Swiss Army knives of the cleaning world.

Improved Staff Efficiency


Your staff will thank you for these. Less time scrubbing means more time doing other important things, like perfecting that new dish or gossiping about the latest kitchen drama.


Discover the Best Steam Cleaners for Catering


Cost-Effective Investment


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Long-Term Savings


Sure, the initial cost might make you wince, but think long-term. Less cleaning time, lower water bills, and no need for fancy chemical cleaners. It’s like investing in a cleaning superhero.

Equipment Longevity


Regular use of these cleaners keeps your kitchen kit in top shape, which means fewer replacements and more money for important stuff, like that holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

Compliance with Health Regulations


Health regulations in catering are tougher than Gordon Ramsay on a bad day. These cleaners help you stay compliant without breaking a sweat.

Enhancing Customer Confidence


A Full-Service Restaurant Guide to Customer Engagement | Thanx

First Impressions


A spotless environment makes a great first impression. Clients will trust you more when they see a clean setup – it’s like showing up to a date with freshly ironed clothes instead of a crumpled mess.

Positive Reviews


Happy clients leave glowing reviews, and nothing says “I love this place” like a five-star rating that mentions your impeccable cleanliness.

Ease of Use


Despite their muscle, these cleaners are easy to handle. Your staff can learn to use them quickly, making them part of the daily routine without any drama.


Discover the Best Steam Cleaners for Catering


Case Studies and Real-Life Examples


Renovate restaurants by cleaning with an industrial steam cleaner. Buy the best commercial steam cleaning machine to remove the dirt and odours and provide happy and healthy workers and customers. results in cooking chefs prepare meal in clean environment.

Success Stories


Loads of catering businesses are already singing the praises of these cleaners. From tiny cafes to massive catering firms, the feedback is as positive as finding an extra chip at the bottom of the bag. Just look at our reviews online and the number of companies we are serving on our home page! 

Industry Recognition


These cleaners are so good, even the pros are impressed. They’ve been endorsed by industry experts, which is like getting a nod from the Queen.

Choosing the Right Industrial Dry Steam Cleaner



Key Features to Consider


When shopping for one, look for adjustable steam pressure, sturdy build, and easy maintenance. Think of it like picking a reliable car – you want it to last.

Brand Recommendations


Do your homework. Read reviews, compare features, and pick a brand that suits your needs. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes – you need something that fits and performs well.


Discover the Best Steam Cleaners for Catering


Training and Implementation


how to efficiently clean at work with an industrial steam cleaner

Staff Training


Proper training is key. Make sure your team knows how to use and maintain the cleaner. It’s like teaching them to drive – a bit of effort upfront makes all the difference.

Integration into Cleaning Routine


Make it part of your daily routine. Consistent use will keep your place spotless, like brushing your teeth twice a day for that dazzling smile.

The Future of Cleaning in Catering


Technology keeps evolving, and so will these cleaners. Stay ahead of the curve and your catering business will continue to shine.



In the whirlwind of catering, keeping things clean is a must. Industrial dry steam cleaners are the ultimate sidekick, offering efficiency, eco-friendliness, and cost savings. Invest in one, and you’ll be toasting to a cleaner, happier kitchen.


Discover the Best Steam Cleaners for Catering



1. Are industrial dry steam cleaners safe to use around food?


Absolutely, since they use only water and no chemicals, they’re safe and won’t contaminate your food.


2. How often should I use an industrial dry steam cleaner in my catering business?


Ideally, daily or after each major service to keep everything spick and span.


3. Can industrial dry steam cleaners be used on all kitchen surfaces?


Most surfaces, yes. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines, but generally, they’re pretty versatile.


4. Do industrial dry steam cleaners require special maintenance?


Regular maintenance like descaling and filter cleaning keeps them running smoothly. Just follow the manual and you’re golden.


5. How do industrial dry steam cleaners help in adhering to health regulations?


They zap bacteria and allergens, helping you meet those tough health standards and avoid any nasty surprises from inspectors.


Pure Steam Cleaners specialises in hiring and selling powerful, self-descaling commercial and industrial dry steam cleaners. Our machines are ideal for deep cleaning in kitchens, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants without harsh chemicals. hires and sells new and second-hand cleaning equipment, including industrial vacuums, floor scrubbers, pressure washers, and floor polishers at Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd. We’re always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on the best cleaning methods and procedures. We’re also very patient and accommodating with explaining the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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